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Internet as we all know has become a standard mode of communication among individuals and businesses. Hence, the significance of business email continues to grow among organizations. We all know the fact that Email hosting plays a very vital role in any business setup. It has in fact become a very essential requirement for every business, be it small or large. Hosting of email servers is generally considered a very tough and an expensive task, since it requires several experts for its management. It also requires several mail servers and various software applications that have multiple filtering and spam blockers, which in turns out be very costly. As most organizations do not have the resources to set up and manage their own servers, they turn towards an email hosting provider.

One of the main reasons why our email hosting services have gained so much popularity is that it offers businesses with the ability to have great email services without having to worry about incurring additional costs or finding man power to manage it. In fact, with Email hosting services, one can surely benefit and achieve better organizational goals. Email hosting plays a very crucial role in businesses, online or offline, as it is the main source of any stable communication. By taking these business mail solutions you can help save your business a lot of money every year. It also offers the business with a more credible profile, since the email addresses would carry the domain name of the business.

Here are the top benefits of email hosting solution from OAKHOST

  • Secure: Our Company offers this solution by ensuring that your domain email is hosted on servers with Industry encryption. This means the complete transition of data that takes place is completely encrypted and no unauthorized party has any access of it.
  • Adequate Storage: We ensure that users get adequate storage space. We also offer integration with the Gmail Platform. Our email hosting plans are completely flexible and customizable. We allow the users to increase or decrease storage limit after creation of email hosting accounts.
  • Address Book: This is a one of the most significant aspect of Email services. The companies provide its users with the ability to share address book.
  • Spam/ Virus Filters: The best part about going for these services is that these come with spam and virus filtering features. An email hosting service provider usually makes sure that spam mails always remain out of the mailbox.

Oakhost is UAE’s leading provider of email solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

You may select the plan as per your business requirements.

Oakhost offers reliable and cost-effective email hosting solutions for your business, guaranteeing 99.99 % uptime, and offering 24/7 technical assistance.

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